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Gas Alarm Controller 

l  Three-line signal transmission, 19” standard 3U disk-type metal-structure frame, installed in a cabinet (wall-mounted type

    may be custom-made), anti-FRI/FMI, capable of monitoring up to 1,000 points after being combined

l  Independent card insertion design, optional channel card, master control card, power card,

    and standby power supply

l  Master card and channel card can be set respectively but display synchronously. Master card

    has a large LCD screen (display in Chinese) and Chinese menu. Display and operation are

    more convenient and faster.

l  Channel card can work independently, with an independent menu. Thus even if the master control or other channel cards go

     wrong, this channel’s gas monitoring will not be affected.

l  Channel card has many types of output, good for interlinking external control equipment and integrating them to upper control

    system (e.g. DSC, PLC, etc.).

l  Automatic trouble monitoring

l  Note: for trouble A and B, the controller can indicate their location. For trouble C, D, and E, the controller can indicate their type.

l  Interlinked output

l  Capable of keeping alarm records, trouble records, and start/shutdown records respectively

l  RS485 communication function is available

l  Power supply shift function


Product Structure

Wiring Diagram

Adapter Equipment


Power SupplyAC176~AC264V(50Hz±1%), DC24V±6V


Power Consumption10W(no external device)


Input Signal:4~20mA standard current signal (three wires)


Standard Configuration: 1 master control card, 1 power card, 8 channel cards, one 19” standard 3U frame


Standard Capacity:8 channel input


Capacity of control card:standard 8, expandable to 34 channel


Type of Target Gas: %LEL/%VOL/ppm


Each channel cards provided:3 set of relay signal output: high limit warning, low limit warning, and trouble signal (Capacity of output


5A/DC24V or 5A/AC220V)One 4-20mA current signal output


Each master control card provided: 2 set of relay signal output(Capacity of output 5A/DC24V or 5A/AC220V)


Alarm Sethigh limit warning, low limit warning


Alarm Mode: Sound and optical alarm


Display Mode: LCD of master control card


                     LED of channel card


Dimensions: L*W*H  482mm×344mm×132.5mm

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